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CS Centers: Sparking Student Interest Through Choice

In this video resource, we see how setting up CS centers in your classroom can give students choice and time to collaborate and puzzle through problems together. Centers also help maximize usage of resources.

How Can I Utilize the Devices Already in My School?

You don’t need the newest or most powerful computers to implement computer science education in your schools. We discuss the issues and options you should consider when making things work in your school.

How Might I Prepare Students to Use Devices?

Devices can be useful in the classroom, but they can also be divisive (device-ive) -- students may or may not have varying levels of tech literacy and familiarity. This resource discusses diagnosing and increasing tech proficiency.

How Might I Proactively Differentiate My CS Instruction to Reach All Learners?

The Universal Design for Learning framework is proactive in planning curriculum for all students. This resource instructs on how to evaluate potential CS curriculum for UDL standards.