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Flipped Classrooms: Individualizing Instruction with Video Lessons

This video resource showcases the flipped classroom model, where students learn concepts during homework time and work on assignments during class time.

How Can I Utilize the Devices Already in My School?

You don’t need the newest or most powerful computers to implement computer science education in your schools. We discuss the issues and options you should consider when making things work in your school.

How Might I Evaluate Student Progress?

Creating evaluation metrics is a difficult yet important task for any effective classroom. This resource contains tips on assessing and evaluating students in the context of a CS unit.

How Might I Manage Group CS Projects?

Collaboration is a key concept, used by educators and software engineers alike. A good CS classroom will include lots of collaboration, but how does one manage it? This resource details strategies for structuring and encouraging student groups.

How Might I Manage Student Accounts?

Web-based environments are useful tools for collaboration, documentation, and sharing. This resource details some strategies for managing student accounts online. Also included: lists of tools and analog alternatives.

How Might I Manage Students’ Programming Work?

Development Environments allow students and you to program, compile, debug, and run, all within the same program. How do we know which to choose? How can we manage our digital classroom with similar workflows as our physical one?

How Might I Prepare Students to Use Devices?

Devices can be useful in the classroom, but they can also be divisive (device-ive) -- students may or may not have varying levels of tech literacy and familiarity. This resource discusses diagnosing and increasing tech proficiency.

How Might I Prepare to Teach a CS Unit?

Preparing to teach a CS lesson or unit is somewhat different from preparing to teach other subjects. This resource discusses prototyping example projects for your classroom.

How Might I Proactively Differentiate My CS Instruction to Reach All Learners?

The Universal Design for Learning framework is proactive in planning curriculum for all students. This resource instructs on how to evaluate potential CS curriculum for UDL standards.

How Might I Structure My CS Lesson as Project-Based Learning?

Project-based learning is a powerful tool for understanding and applying concepts. CS can be used in PBL classrooms with practices outlined in this resource, including definitions, explanations, best practices, and resources.