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Collaborative Languages: Learning English and CS

In this video, we see similarities between learning programming and spoken languages. The teacher's development of non-verbal cues in the classroom helps students to learn complex CS concepts.

Culturally Responsive CS: Drumming and Debugging

Learning syntax and programming languages can be fun and relevant to students' interests. In this video resource, we visit a classroom where drumming is used to learn the patterns in code.

Differentiation: Kids Reaching Their Full Potential

Eric Allatta has a mission: Make sure all of his students master their computer science curriculum while simultaneously ensuring there’s no cap to what any one student can learn.

How Do We Create Teams and Buy-In to Support CS Roll Out?

CS Education can only become prevalent, supported, and effective if schools and communities are interested in the impact of teaching meaningful computing skills. You can be an ambassador for the value of CS education in your school and community.

How Might I Manage Group CS Projects?

Collaboration is a key concept, used by educators and software engineers alike. A good CS classroom will include lots of collaboration, but how does one manage it? This resource details strategies for structuring and encouraging student groups.

Individualized Assessment: Tracking Student Success with Objective Metrics

With Abe Cohen's approach to asynchronous instruction, his students move through lessons at their own pace, tracking their progress with their school's online tracker software.

Tools for Translation: English Language Learners Code in Two Languages

In JoAnn Westhall’s fifth grade classroom at PS 31Q in Bayside, Queens, all students, including English Language Learners, get the exact same lesson at the exact same time.