3-5 Creator: Creating From Scratch

Creating From Scratch builds off of the prior Computer Science knowledge that students may possess about concepts. In the first part of the unit, students will be re-introduced to the concepts of hardware/software and input/output. Students will create a Scratch account and begin to explore the platform. In order for students to strengthen their problem solving skills, they will work through the concepts of: algorithms, programming, debugging, loops, conditionals, and abstraction. For each concept, students will receive instruction first through an “unplugged” activity. Then, students will apply their knowledge of the concept to a “plugged” activity via Scratch. Towards the end of the unit, students will be tasked with reverse engineering a Scratch project. Students plan on recreating/reverse engineering the Scratch project seen in a previous lesson. The unit culminates with a final project Hackathon or Codeathon performed over the course of multiple days.