Tangible Interfaces (Pilot)

Tangible Interfaces is a 108-hour creative computing course for high schools using the open source Javascript library p5.js. In the first half of this course, students will learn how to interpret raw data and identify the human bias and social implications of data use. In the second half of this course, students will be introduced to user experience and interface design concepts to build projects that make use of the DOM library in p5.js to allow for more and refined user control of their sketches. Students will also work with simple microcontrollers to build physical controllers that enable more interactive and accessible experiences for all users.

By building accessible visualization tools and interfaces, students will expand their computer science (CS) knowledge towards the understanding of data democratization and inclusive design. This curriculum will make use of the NYC Open Data portal as well as weather data APIs. It also aligns with the CS4All Blueprint for CS education that emphasizes a hands-on approach called creative computing. This course is still in development and only available to pilot for schools who have implemented Introduction to Computational Media.